Technical project management from the perspective of an entrepreneur

Project management challenges

Andrew is tossing in bed. He can not sleep. It has already been five weeks since one of his ships arrived at the port. From the day the vessel went into the dock, nothing has gone according plan. Equipment and parts are not at the right place at the right time, several activities are scheduled tightly so that the first delay causes a chain reaction of further delays, and costs travel through the roof.

Almost every day he must bear the frustration of subcontractors and worse, the disapproval of his Management. Andrew is the youngest fleet manager at his company, a fact that he used to be proud of. But right now, he is not so sure of he can handle this position any longer.

If things continue to go on like this, the project will exceed the deadline with two months. Andrew does not even dare to think of the extra costs, he has already had to double his budget. He knows that many of the problems of recent weeks could have been prevented.

The people in his team are young and ambitious and perform at their best, but sometimes he just wishes that he had someone more experienced coordinating the process.

Project management from the perspective of an entrepreneur

Gerben van Leeuwen is familiar with situations like outlined above. With over 20 years of experience in Project Management, On-site Machining, welding and inspection he knows which challenges fleet and vessel managers sometimes face.

Up to this day, Gerben still carries out both, the project management and technical work himself.

It is possible that he represents his company at a board meeting in a suit the one day, to find him the next day in his coverall machining holes into perfection. This combination of entrepreneurship and on-site experience make him unique.

Gerben understands like no other what it takes to get the job done. He looks at the project from a management level, where cost savings and a smooth execution of the works, are its main principles. From his experience, he knows what necessary measurements are needed and therefore his project management plan is always realistic.

Transparent rates, flexible services

During the years, subcontractors providing unrealistic offers and sending quotations full of hidden costs trying to get an assignment has become Gerben’s biggest irritation.

All Gerben van Leeuwen rates are always clear and transparent.

Regardless if he is coordinating your project during weekend or evening hours, you will be charged the same rate. Gerben is flexible, you can reach him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need him on a project, he can be on a flight towards you already the next day after he received your phone call.

What to expect

When you hire Gerben van Leeuwen as your freelance project manager, he will coordinate your complete project starting with the definition of your project goals.

As soon as your project goals are defined, and the timeframe and budget costs are clear, Gerben will outline the steps needed to achieve those goals in a transparent and realistic project plan. You will find an individual budget and timeframe for every step in the process, as well as on overview of the resources required to accomplish those steps.

During the implementation and execution of the work, Gerben will strictly monitor the progress and handle any roadblocks as they arise to keep the project on schedule. You will be pleased when the finished outcome is delivered, and sleepless nights are prevented.

Your freelance project manager

Gerben van Leeuwen is your freelance technical project manager when you are looking for:

  • A professional to develop a realistic and cost-effective project plan.
  • An experienced technical worker and manager who can coordinate the communication with employees, subcontractors, suppliers and management.
  • A flexible manager whom you can reach 24/7 and will be wherever you need him, whenever you need him, regardless project duration or location.
  • An entrepreneur who does not stop until he has found the solution that is the most efficient and cost-effective

Would you like to know what difference Gerben van Leeuwen can make for you?

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+31 (0) 6 83 09 42 38
Tinstraat 29
2984 AN Ridderkerk
The Netherlands

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