On-site Management

Gerben van Leeuwen is a specialized company that offers complete 360° yacht and refit management services to owners, brokers, designers and captains by working as a personal project manager at each stage of the refit process.


Refit Management

Refitting a yacht can be a quite challenging and stressful experience. This is why successful refits are often overseen by an experienced project manager.
Once the owners have chosen to refit their yacht to suit their requirements and tastes, refits are a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into their yacht.
Gerben van Leeuwen offers many years of worldwide experience, support and consultancy to assist superyacht owners at every stage of the refit process.
He has the skills, expertise and experience to act as the link between the shipyard and the client, ensuring the actual execution of the work to assure a successful outcome of the project. Therefore, making him the right choice to lead your superyacht refit.
Gerben van Leeuwen will manage the whole process by defining project goals and monitoring subcontractors, ensuring that all process flows, documents and forms are maintained as currently on the QMS.

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The Approach

Gerben van Leeuwen works hand-in-hand with the client and their captain, as a personal project manager at every stage of the process. He will accurately negotiate the contracts, liaise with subcontractors and monitor every stage of the project. This close collaboration along with many years of worldwide experience and knowledge means that Gerben van Leeuwen offers a complete project management service for any yacht refit project.

All projects are a temporary effort to create value through a unique product, service or result. All projects need to be led from start to finish. Each project has its own team, budget and schedule. Each team is trained to achieve all expectations of their client.

All projects are unique and contain different kinds of activities that need to be executed to achieve the final result. Budget, duration and/or delivery time are continuously monitored.
Based on necessary skills, many different people and subcontractors are brought together for each specific task. Leading this task requires professionality. A project manager is required to ensure that a team meets its goals, whether it is intentionally or based on circumstance.




Some projects have a short duration. Therefore, every unexpected issue needs to be solved quickly. Improvements need to be made over a short period of time. Regardless the duration time, Gerben van Leeuwen uses his skills and knowledge to a variety of skills and knowledge to engage and motivate others to reach the project’s goal.

A good project manager is critical to the success of projects and is highly driven to help out companies to achieve their goals.

Gerben van Leeuwen delivers value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, using his many years of experience to realize and deliver projects in time, while keeping an eye on costs and quality.


Gerben van Leeuwen

Gerben van Leeuwen grew up in a working-class family in Woerden, the Netherlands, together with his two brothers. After following different educations to become a metal worker, he started his own business in 1999, together with his brother: a company specialized in on-site machining. In the course of his work in the on-site machining business, he was fortunate enough to be entrusted with many different worldwide projects and machining tasks. Since tasks and requirements in the field of large-scale industry are constantly increasing, the requirements for on-site machining are increasing as well. 

During the years he got introduced to CNC Controlled on-site machining. In 2018, Gerben decided to leave his previous company and created a new company, using his own name: Gerben van Leeuwen Worldwide Technical Services b.v. Gerben is very familiar with modern technology and is able to solve a large number of on-site difficulties. Due to his many years of experience on-site on a large variety of projects and industries different people with different mentality all over the world, Gerben van Leeuwen learned to deal with all kind of problems, problems which he calls, unsolved solutions. There for he is THE contact person for refit – project management and on-site tasks.