CMT Welded of surfaces and diameters

CMT Welded of surfaces and diameters

The biggest surfaces from Ø 2650 up to Ø 2950 was welded from twelve o’clock down to six o’clock in one run.

Quality of the welding is perfect and after finishing the temparature is not hot at all. So what the supllier tells:

The big difference is in the wire feed. Rather than continuously moving forward into the weld pool, with CMT the wire is retracted the instant current flows. That breaks the arc. The metal droplet detaches from the filler and fuses with the – still molten – base metal. Then the wire moves forward to create another arc, and all this happens many times each second.

The difference from conventional MIG welding is fairly subtle, although it needs a lot of sophisticated control technology. The benefit is that it reduces heat input significantly. The developer of CMT welding, Fronius, describes it as, “Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold.” IS A FACT

CMT Welded surface

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