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Gerben van Leeuwen

I grew up in a working-class family in Woerden, the Netherlands, together with my two brothers. My father was a metal worker, this probably could have been the reason that I also start an education in this profession

Reading books all day wasn’t my thing, I loved to work with my hands. So after the high school, I switched to a technical school called MTS, here I followed the education of precision toolmaker

After this I started working at a local company behind a lathing and milling machine to get some more experience.

Like everyone else, after a while I looked for another employer and finally I came into contact with CNC Controlled machining. Here I worked on either a stationary machines or in a machine shop, not on-site.

Both of these companies had such large products and constructions to machine, that some parts were too large to handle in house, so they had to be machined on-site. Special machines where built and setup on these constructions.

This immediately got my attention, and made me start my own business in 1999. A company together with my brother specialized in on-site machining.

In the course of my work in the on-site machining business, I was fortunate enough to be entrusted with many different machining tasks. Since tasks and requirements in the field of large-scale industry are constantly increasing, the requirements for on-site machining are increasing at the same time.

Machining accuracy, complexity, quality standards, reliability and above all, work safety are the main issues in the field of modern on-site machining.

Years ago, for these reasons, I concentrated more and more on on-site machining with CNC-controlled mobile machines in order to meet the demands of sophisticated tasks.

In 2018 I decided to leave my prevoius company and go further under my own name Gerben van Leeuwen Worldwide technical Services b.v.

I am very familiar with this modern technology and would like to claim that I can solve a large number of problematic on-site tasks.

Due to the combination of my long experience and modern technology, I see myself as THE contact person for your machining tasks.

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