CMT Welded of surfaces and diameters

CMT Welded surface

Quality of the welding is perfect and after finishing the temparature is not hot at all. So what the supllier tells:

CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) Welding


Cold Metal Transfer welding is a modified MIG welding process based on short-circuiting transfer process. This process differs from MIG/MAG welding process only by the type of mechanical droplet cutting method not previously encountered. During welding, temperature variations in welds and parent metals have important effects on material characteristics, residual stresses as well as on dimensional and […]

CNC Controlled circular milling of two Pump housings


Setting up of the CNC Controlled circular milling machine for on-site machining of two Pump housings At two pump housings some existing surfaces and diameters where damaged. The customer wants them to machined smaller in diameter, all surfaces deeper so al damages are gone. After pre-machining all surfaces to be cladded up by CMT (Cold […]