More Services, more commitment and more passion by Gerben van Leeuwen personally

Gerben van Leeuwen demo of cnc machine with customer

On-site machining in a different level. More accurate, more experience, more commitment. On-site Machining by Gerben van Leeuwen personally

High accurate on site machining

On-site machining with an accuracy of 1 arc sec (0.00027mm) on a diameter of Ø 1000mm. All other measurements within 0.02mm, squareness, cylindricity, roundness and concentricity

CNC Controlled thread milling tool

Gerben van Leeuwen investment

Machined the thread ( 1 out of 240) by way of CNC Controlled milling. Tools are cutting perfectly, no vibrations, no problems during cutting thru the weld.

Finishing of 240 CNC Controlled machined threaded holes.

Gerben van Leeuwen investment

All 240 Holes, on-site machined by way CNC Controlled with 3″ 5/16 – 12UN thread. All machined within the contractual deadline.

All 240 holes according to specifications

Gerben van Leeuwen investment All 240 holes

All within tolerance, all 100% according to customers specifications. Calibre which has been provided by customer fit perfectly in every machine hole

Surfaces at a scrap yard

Gerben van Leeuwen investment Surfaces at a scrap yard

On-site machining of the surfaces on a cutting press at a scrap yard

Final measurement after machining

Gerben van Leeuwen investment final measurement after machining

After final machining all holes, and there positions coordinates and radii are measured with a renishaw measurement probe. All machined within 0.02mm, concentricity, cilindricity, roundness and squareness. All documented in a measuring protocol

Circular CNC controlled milling of a flange of 1250 mm

Gerben van Leeuwen investment Circular CNC controlled

Because the flanges are all damaged, the customer required to machine the surface to a minimum. So to get an extreem smooth surface, a special lightweigth aluminium balanced milling was used. Taking 5 out of 10 tips out, and a minimum feedrate per/min resolved in perfect surface.

Measurement with a renishaw measuring probe with an accuracy of 0.001mm

Gerben van Leeuwen investment measurement with a renishaw

After final machining of all bushes the customer required a measuring protocol. All diametes, coordinates and the pitch circle needed to be machined within 0.02mm So to controle and measure that, we used a renishaw measuring probe, with an accuracy of 0.001mm